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Electronic Coin Scanner

The Electronic Coin Scanner is a robust, portable clocking system, designed with the harsh conditions in the agricultural field in mind. The electronic coin scanner is used to record piecework and time & attendance clocking, and is also used in a number of other industries like security, building etc.

The unit can store up to 15 000 records before you need to download the data, which means that the units can stay in the field, where it is needed, and does not need to go to the office at short intervals for downloading.

The battery of the unit does not need charging, and has a lifespan of up to 2 seasons (this may vary according to number of clockings and external conditions). Dallas coins, used by employees to clock, are also robust and do not need replacing or servicing at all.

The electronic coin scanner is fully integrated with the payroll package, and provides an excellent value for money solution for your clocking system needs.

Datalogger (ETR-2)

The new Datalogger (ETR-2) is compact, portable and designed to work as long as two days without charging. The system has no cables on the unit and weighs less than 2kg. The unit can store up to 20 000 transactions before it needs to be downloaded.

  • Ideal for Time & Attendance and Piecework.
  • Easy to Read LCD display
  • Displays Battery life
  • Easy to use Menu
  • Specify Block and Activity
  • Avoid Buddy Clocking
  • Fully integrated with our Payroll Software
  • And many more excellent new features


The Supascale system is an invaluable tool for the fruit picking industry. The system consists of a small self-contained weighing system. The unit is battery powered, lasts up to 2 days without re-charging, is rugged and designed to operate under the most brutal of conditions. The Scale is designed to hang from any type of mechanical structure and is installed and released in seconds, thereby facilitating the daily transport to and from the office to the orchard.

Portable Fingerprint Time and Attendance 

Our Portable Fingerprint Time and Attendance units comprises of the latest technology in biometric fingerprint reading. This technology has been tried and tested and is the future for clocking systems.

  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof (1m above ground)
  • 65000 real color
  • User-defined function key
  • 5,000 FPS or 200,000 LOGS
  • 28 hours of standby time, 12hours of operation time
  • Communication via TCP/IP, USB host and GPRS, operational with optional Wi-fi


Biometric Fingerprint Reader 

Our biometric fingerprint reader units comprises of the latest technology in biometric fingerprint reading. This technology has been tried and tested and is the future for clocking systems.

Our readers can enrol up to 2500 employees, and store up to 50 000 transactions. The units can be used for Time & Attendance, and can further be integrated to be part of an access control systems. This is ideal for pack houses and/or stores, to combat illegal access and to monitor breaks. The user friendly menu allows for easy enrolment and administration of employees on the readers.

The biometric fingerprint reader is also integrated with the payroll package, and can be linked to your payroll software in two ways. Units that are in close proximity to your office network can be connected directly to your network and downloaded via your payroll software. For units that are located in more remote locations, downloading of data is possible via a USB stick, which is then imported to your payroll software.

The most important and unique advantage of biometric fingerprint readers, is the fact that NO BUDDY CLOCKING can take place. Each employee has to clock for himself, which ensures that you only pay the employees that actually worked.

Biometric Facial Recognition Device 

• Combines the latest facial recognition and RFID technology
• Facial recognition and RFID technology, with optical sensors
• May hold 400 faces (optional 3000) without dividing groups
• Access control option available
• Multiple biometric identification option
• Unit can connect to WiFi, USB or Network

Access Control 

• Turnstile and Magnetic lock
• Link with Fingerprint Reader and Facial Recognition Device
• Better security
• Assist with Time and Attendance Control

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